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Contemporary jewellery design by Emma Hutton

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Emma Hutton jewellery designerEmma Hutton trained in Theatre Design at Wimbledon School Of Art while at the same time studying Silversmithing. She continues this trend now: freelancing in costume for film and television, whilst also creating her contemporary jewellery collections.

Emma’s sterling silver and gold jewellery is meticulously crafted to achieve the weathered, vintage feel of time worn, cherished heirlooms. She tries to reflect the rarity and value of jewellery which is handmade, appreciating the uniqueness of a handcrafted item as opposed to the look and feel of mass produced, machine manufactured pieces. To this end she uses many different techniques such as patinating (chemically blackening) the silver to enhance finer details.

Nature and antiquities, along with a theatrical background play a great part in influencing her. A fascination with memento moris, curiosities, ancient reliquaries and amulets combined with her appreciation of the intricacies of nature, organic forms, decay and growth, is all very much reflected in the style of her jewellery items. Mix this with the tangled branches of Arthur Rackham style trees and whimsical fairytale flowers and you have her inspiration. Working in the film industry she is lucky to be often surrounded by details from all sorts of periods in history – whether her imagination is sparked from a piece of original lace embroidered onto a Victorian manteau, a 1970’s celluloid vintage bracelet, dusty leather-bound picture books from the props department or spooky children’s automatons loaned for filming from a private collection.

Every item is individually hand made by Emma Hutton.